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Viren Bhai

What does a life devoted to the divine look like? What if our every moment was dedicated to the service of mankind, with the same intensity as that of a spiritual disciple? A brief interaction with Virenbhai Joshi, and you can immediately find these questions melting away with the words: ‘Let Service be your ‘Sadhna’.

Born to the family of a freedom fighter, Virenbhai Joshi’s dreams in his younger days took him to the United States, where he spent years working double shifts. A deep yearning within took him back to the city of Ahmedabad, where he met Ishwarbhai Patel, who accelerated his journey with a few conversations. After a few years in India Virenbhai decided to dedicate his life to service — working for a few months every year in the US to enable his work in India. Over the last few decades, he has been the founder of Manav Sadhna, trustee of the Sabarmati Ashram and facilitated the journey of countless individuals aspiring to serve all over the world.

Beneath all these external achievements, you will find a simple faith and purity of intention. It is apparent in his every word and every breath while singing a devotional bhajan, and it draws you up, leaving you thirsty for more in this spiritual journey.

In a Silent Wednesday evening, Virenbhai shares his reflections from his annual 21 day silence retreat at his home. He shares his journey and how he balances his life through Seva, Spirituality and Practicality.

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