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"It’s all around me and the universe is made up of stories.
MAM Movies is an effort to use it’s potential to empower, transform and heal and re-establish our connection with self, community and nature."

Our Work

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Welcome to MAM, where 'I AM' signifies empowerment in Sanskrit. Founded in 2007, MAM MOVIES serves as an incubation center fostering narratives that inspire faith, hope, and courage in today's dynamic times. We collaborate with young filmmakers and nonprofits, using storytelling to address societal challenges and drive social transformation.

Our projects include workshops on the power of stories for social change, engaging youth in creating short films, and empowering nonprofits with their media needs. With over 500 professional short films produced, our impactful work extends to documenting the oral stories and wisdom of Gandhian elders.

Join us in this journey of storytelling for positive change.

Proud collaborators include UNFPA, USAID, ICICI Foundation, Yes Foundation, Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, and more.

Our Work

Annette Kaiser

Annette Kaiser, is a renowned Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Founder of the Tai Ji DO school. Emphasizing non-dual, cosmocentric understanding, she advocates for global heart transformation, drawing inspiration from enlightened mysticism.

In the Light of Sri Aurobindo

This project captures the two-decade evolution of individuals' inner journeys exploring Sri Aurobindo through theatre, documenting both the plays and the transformative impact on participants, aiming to inspire others in the discovery of the unique material offered by Sri Aurobindo.

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Yes I am The Change

I am the change film project is a nationwide film competition where filmmakers and amateurs make Less than 5 minutes short film in 101 hours on an NGO/ social cause / everyday hero/ act of kindness. 

Finding Vinoba

‘Vinya’, a film project, consisting of several short films, exploring the essence of Vinoba through the people who lived with him and exploring the universal relevance of his thoughts which shines the light for the generations to come.

Story Listeners

Story Listeners Project emerged from an earnest desire to listen to these stories that we long to share with each other. We believe that while listening to stories, we come together in a shared space of deepening our connection to our self, others and the universe.

Our Experiments with love

Everyday people from all walks of life found a unique and way to remember Gandhi. They decided to be the change by committing to do 150 small acts of love and kindness in span of a year.

Seva Journals

Seva Journal project serves non-profit organizations by making low cost but high quality short films to tell their stories. 

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She Creates

Girl students of 10-15yrs from schools in Dharavi to International and public schools of Mumbai, come together to participate in a film workshop and make short films

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