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Ram Hari

Ram Hari

A short film on the recent visit to Vinoba Bhave Ashram in Brahma Vidya Mandir, Paunar, India. Founded by Vinoba Bhave, Brahma Vidya Mandir is the temple (Mandir) where one seeks the wisdom and experience(Vidya) of the Absolute(Brahma). Women’s spiritual emancipation is the motto of Brahma Vidya Mandir. At present, in all, 28 sisters live in the ashram. they come from different states of India and one is from Japan. Without distinction of caste, creed, language, religion, and nationality they share their lives together. Brothers closely associated with Vinobaji also lived with the sisters. Life in Brahma Vidya Mandir is the fusion of the three classic currents of sadhana, Karma (action), Jnana (knowledge), and Bhakti (devotion). This threeefold combination provides the means to meet the fundamental needs of the body, mind and spirit. The members of Brahma Vidya Mandir are diligently committed to Samuhik Sadhana(collective spiritual pursuit for the realization of the Self). This collective spiritual sadhana is central theme of the ashram. In short, this means surrendering all of one’s capacities at the feet of the Lord, abiding in the group, and seeing the inter-union of all aspirants as different organs of one body. There are 5 pillars of the community’s spiritual life, all grounded in satya(truth) and ahimsa (nonviolence). The pillars are Brahmacharya(celibacy), Samuhik Sadhana, Shrama(productive manual labour), Swadhyaya (self study) and Bhakti (devotion). More :
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In the Light of Sri Aurobindo_Plays and Savitri in Auroville

In the Light of Sri Aurobindo_Plays and Savitri in Auroville

For the past two decades, Aryamani and her team have staged Sri Aurobindo’s plays and Savitri in Auroville. This film documents the inner journey of individuals to understand and experience Sri Aurobindo through art, especially theatre. It documents the the journey of these plays over the last 20 years along with the inner transformation of individuals who have participated in these plays. This is an endeavour to document the outer and inner processes involved in creating these expressions of Sri Aurobindo. we hope it can eventually help and inspire others in the discovery of such unique material that Sri Aurobindo offers to us. Film Concept & Editing : Madhusudan More : Acknowledgement Concept & Direction of Plays: Aryamani Interviews: Aryamani, Aurelio, Michael, Srimoyi, Nidhish, Charu, Khushmita, Deven, Megha, Varun, Anandamayi, Joy, Patricia Photos: Ireno Guerci, Edoardo Grassi, Manohar, Ashwin and many others Video Footage : Manohar, Rakhal, Alessandra Sound Design: Aurelio, Varun Sound: Sri Aurobindo Auditorium Team, Svaram Team, Matrimandir Team & Markus Costumes: Carla, Angela, Loretta, Nandini, Coco Lights: Jean and Ashwin Chorus Diction : Patricia General Assistance: Pala Support for Actors: Norman Bowler Special Thanks: SAIIER, Matrimandir Executives & Technicians, Sheetal, Musicians -Nadaprem & Holger Deep gratitude to all the participants over last 20 years who came together to bring Sri Aurobindo’s plays in Auroville and all visible and invisible hands that helped, supported and encouraged this project.
Narmada Pilgrims
Meera Ba
Kundanika Ben
Arun Bhai  - Swachitta Shodhan
Ishwar Bhai Patel
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