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Ramesh Bhaiya Ji

Ramesh Bhaiya, a law graduate and an ardent follower of Acharya Vinoba Bhave, along with his wife Vimla Bahan, a Post-Graduate, set out on a Padyatra with the vision of uplifting and empowering rural people. They found and chose a neglected and highly crime-infested village Ban-ka-Tara (presently Bartara) for setting up Vinoba Seva Ashram in 1980. The Ashram began under a thatched structure on a piece of land used as a crematorium. Gradually people got involved with the Ashram. The village women were engaged in illicit distillation of liquor, and earned a small living from the money so earned. With the objective of making the village alcohol-free, their efforts were channelized in that direction. Today, there are around 20 alcohol-free villages in the region. More:…

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