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Kalindi Tai on Maitri Bhav

Updated: May 11, 2022

Kalindi Tai was born in 1932 in Madhya Pradesh. Her father was a member of the parliament at the time. She did her Master in Social Work from Baroda university and then later worked on various social causes including working with a remand home in Rajkot. When she expressed her desire to go deeper in her service journey, her father encouraged her to meet Vinoba Bhave. Once she met Vinoba ji, she never looked back and dedicated her entire life to service and spirituality. From 1960, She walked with Vinoba ji in Bhoodan pilgrimage. Together with other sisters, her work included transcribing Vinoba’s speeches and then make copies manually using carbon paper to share with others. Later she worked as the editor of Maitri magazine which came out from Brahma Vidya Mandir. Since Vinoba was never keen on writing his autobiography, Kalindi Tai compiled his stories and wrote ‘Moved By Love’ (She wrote in hindi – ‘Ahimsa ki talash’ and it was later translated in english). She also studied Islam faith deeply and wrote translations on it, together with many other books in various languages. At the age of 88, even today she cleans the temple premises in the Ashram every day. From doing ordinary work of taking toilet waste to compost in the farm to highly intellectual work of writing and translating various spiritual books, she does it all.

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