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Pankaj Mehariya_Lokmitra Punadra Village

Updated: May 11, 2022

Pankaj bhai lives in Punadara village for about five years now. He was inspired by Raghu bhai, who ran free tiffin service for elderly people in slums of Ahmedabad city. Raghu bhai had lost his legs due to polio at a very young age but his faith in life and commitment to help others was contagious to everyone who met him. After meeting Raghu bhai, Pankaj bhai felt to moved that he too decided to offer all of his skills and time for the service of others in need and he felt called to live in a village to do that.

It has been almost five years to this decision and Pankaj bhai’s commitment and efforts are very much visible in Punadara village. He has helped bring library, toilers, street lights, water-tank, smart class, preserving and renovating heritage buildings and temples in village, pensions for over hundred widows and senior citizens, arranged health camps, inspired farmers to practice natural farming, brought local employment opportunities and lot more.

People of Punadara share their deepest of struggles with him. You’ll see him equally participating in people’s joys and sorrows as he has now become a son, a brother and a close friend to people of Punadara village. If you come to Punadara, he will take you on hikes in forest and walks in fields, visit serene Vatrak river and temples located on its bank, meditate at some peaceful and hidden ashrams around the village or have conversations with elderly people and gain knowledge about farming, natural healing and experience true rural way of living. In his free time, he sings folk songs, reads books and studies natural farming.

Along with his wife Kamini and three year old daughter Khushi, he lives a very humble life and works tirelessly towards his dream to make Punadara a prosper and self sustained village community.

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