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Rev Heng Sure – Service Space Retreat

In this talk given in June 2012, in Phoenix, United States, as part of Service Space Retreat, Rev Heng Sure shares about his three steps and bow journey and personal insights.

About : Rev Heng Sure is an American Buddhist monk, born and ordained in the United States. He is a senior disciple of the late Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, and is currently the director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, a branch monastery of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association. He is probably best known for a pilgrimage he made for two years and six months from 1977-1979. Called a three steps, one bow pilgrimage, Rev. Heng Sure and his companion Heng Chau (Dr. Martin Verhoeven), bowed from South Pasadena to Ukiah, California, a distance of 800 miles, seeking world peace.

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