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Youngest Dandi Yatris

A group of children between age 8-16, have started their walking pilgrimage to Dandi (390 km), inspired by Gandhi ji’s Dandi Salt march which took place 90 years ago today. They are part of BeMe Open learning center in Bangalore and have been practicing for last three months to prepare for this epic pilgrimage and will be walking approx 22km daily. With little prior arrangements, trusting they will get food and shelter along the way.

We had the opportunity to host them in Safai Vidyalaya and walk with them from Sabarmati Ashram to Kocharab Ashram. The youngest pilgrim Ved is 8 years old. Someone asked him on the route if he is tired and would like to be carried, he responded- “it’s a walking pilgrimage, not carrying” and with that he got up again and with enthusiasm, started marching.

In today’s time when we find ourselves more and more disconnected with ourselves and each other, these children’s Incredible commitment, grit and determination gives me immense hope. Love Jagat

Some of us walked with them from Sabarmati ashram to Kocharab ashram

Dandi Yatris in front of Hridya Kunj (Gandhi ji’s home in Sabarmati Ashram)

Sarva dharma prayer in prayer ground at Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, 6.30 am 10th March 2020

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