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Windschnur – an exploration

Windschnur, here I come, in your home, to discover later our relationship and its meaning which will emerge with time. The energy was palpable, surrounded by lush green trees, rain softly falling welcoming our arrival. Marcus drives me in. Throughout the way, with a gleam in his eyes he would say, “are you ready for your heart to be polished?”, it going to be one great adventure of silence and inner work.

It was 10 minutes left to 7pm, as I enter the meditation hall, I look around, approx 40 people, mostly middle aged. I take a seat, not being very visible to the group, behind some chairs, resting the wall. Minutes later Annette walks in, I could feel my heart beat bit faster and cramps in my stomach. She is significant to me, yet to be known how. There’s lightness in her presence, of a real human being, devoid of any pretense, natural as it is. She speaks in German, and also introduces me, I felt blushed and humbled. With humor and joy she held the circle and after our introduction of names we go in silence. It was one of the most deep meditation I had experienced, the energy in the room was so dense that you could cut it with a knife. I felt in the presence of deep meditators and conscious living people. It would be interesting to witness what this week will unfold.

The retreat is mostly in silence. I am invited by Annette to read Passages from Shri Aurovindo’s book – Savitiri. Again I feel humbled and privileged to do so with little doubt of doing justice to this beautiful task given.

I trust if the task is given then it will also prepare me to do it as my best. I read the passage 2-3 times now to get the essence and prepare bit for tomorrow, but tomorrow will be a new day, with its own flow and gifts.

Be present, be in now, rest will happen.

10th August 2016- Windschnur, Germany.

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