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Why do you do it ?

05.08.05. Mahabodhi temple. Bodhgaya.

And they ask me, why do I want to travel? Why do I want to make a film on spirituality? What’s its use? What’s the use of anything anyway? Yet everything has a purpose. Why do I do this because this is the closest I can feel the life. Every moment is a miracle when you shoot a documentary film. Life reveals itself to you, magic begins and unexpected happens. For e.g. today I was taking a close-up shoot of a Hen. She was facing the other side, my camera was on, waiting patiently for a moment and then suddenly she turned her head majestically and looked right into the camera. Ah it was a moment; I can never forget those eyes again. No wonder, Italian filmmaker “Fellini” never had a script. He always believed in the intensity of the moment. Not creating but experiencing and how do we experience it? By learning how to “See”. Seeing beyond looking and thatÕs what I aspire to learn and thatÕs why I want to travel. It was difficult initially to videotape people randomly without their permission and thus invading their privacy and the 1st time I felt it intensely was when I took photos of a person passed away in an old age home for my photography class. I felt very guilty doing it and expressed it to my Instructor, and he said this which changed my perception forever: “It’s what you feel is important” he said “If your purpose is to take advantage for your story then Quit photography now, but if it’s to uplift Human Spirit then go out and capture life and show it to the world”. In being able to Feel.

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