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04th Oct 05. Mount Abu

Once I asked her “What if one day, I would like to leave everything, including films and would do something different or just become a wonderer, then would you still support me?” She calmly replied, “It would depend on the intensity of your desire.”

One year passed since I left America, on 2nd Oct, Gandhiji’s b’day and with a beautiful co-incidence I was in Sabarmati ashram (Gandhi ji’s ashram in Ahmedabad), day before yesterday again on 2nd Oct. There’s a great force, which attracts me to Gandhi Ashram. Part of it is tremendous love of Jayesh bhai, Anarben and family in Manav Sadhna and part of it is unknown.

“Given another chance, would you have traveled with someone else, in this one year journey?” asked Nipun, Guri and Viral in their grueling interview session in Baroda. What a privilege. These true pilgrims were asking me about my small journey.

“May be I needed to find myself before I could give completely myself to her”. And then life itself is a journey, so many more coming to be walked together.

In togetherness today.

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