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27th Sep 05. Osho Commune (Resort ), Pune.

” We don’t want to be part of this Film, because there are other, so called ‘saints’ here, if you want to make a separate film on Osho, then you are welcome.” Said by a senior spokes person in Osho meditation resort, to me when I requested to take someone’s interview to reflect the thoughts of Osho Rajneesh. A greatest thinker of his time, someone who fascinated me since childhood.

Two prominent things I noticed here, 1st isn’t not being part of an organization makes you a part of your own organization and thus narrowing your seeking. Osho as I know had studied all the cultures, religions and Vedas and thus came to his own thought process which was accumaltion of everything. So why this rejection now, isn’t everything is an Advait? or maybe I cannot see something from where I am now. And secondly I noticed Osho commune’s name has been changed to Osho Meditation Resort. True to its name it really felt like a resort and less of a meditation commune. Sadly a person who, all is life fought to follow any dogma has now been made himself into a rigid dogma by his admirers and followers, just like everyone else.

Today in observation.

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