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When you speak, it’s you who is listening

So I have started sharing again. After months of not doing public speaking, I find myself sharing stories again. Met media fellows of Yes Bank foundation in Bangalore last week and yesterday in Delhi. As I spoke it was interesting to observe what was happening inside of me. In bangalore it felt a sense of euphoria and in delhi I felt bit exhausted. Was I being more myself there and then trying to replicate that experience here expecting the euphoria and thus disappointed ? Holding that question and observing my heart.

The title of my talk was ‘my story, your story and the story’. Share about the power of stories and how we are all interconnected. I am because we are and we are part of one source. I am learning to make myself more vulnerable in each sharing, showing up with full heart and not knowing, learning to see what wants to come through me. I fall and stand up again, improving each time, learning, forgetting and remembering again. I know for sure that I want to dedicate my life for service, healing and love.

When in doubt I always ask, is this decision towards love or away from it ? I meet myself as I stand before the crowd. Through stories we get to know each other.

With Delhi fellows

Kat Katha team and Gitanjali

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