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What’s the hurry – Day 5

He was a successful accountant by profession and then he heard about the pilgrimage of River Narmada, together with his wife, at the age of 50 he decided to let go of everything and start his eternal pilgrimage. It’s been two years now as part of the three year pilgrimage where they do circumambulation of the river from its source to the sea and back. In their eyes and presence , there was simplicity, effortless love, and surrender. “What you need, the mother takes care, Infact she gives you more than you want”. He shared a story about how in the beginning he would try to walk fast or cover more distance and then one day the mother came in his dreams and said, “it’s me who is flowing throughout, wherever you go, so what’s the hurry”, and since then they say “we don’t have any need to go anywhere, no need to stay anywhere, no desire for any object, thing or people… It’s all a flow.”

“Seek your own truth and be ‘nirmal’ (simple and pure) like the water, they shared in their message.

River Narmada has held a very special place in my heart. Many call her mother, a pilgrimage for many seekers since thousands of years in India. When I was leaving Sughad, Mahesh bhai, who is a painter there , tells me – “Madhu Bhai I have this feeling that you should go to mother Narmada, I don’t know why I am saying this, but this is my heart’s deep desire”. I told him smilingly that I am not deciding my destinations and hope mother calls and she did indeed. Recently a dear friend Pratyush finished this pilgrimage in one year and I had the opportunity to meet him during that time. I learned that to come to mother Narmada is a grace and not just willingness of mind, requires complete surrender and faith and that’s when the heart opens up.

Slept outside the shiva Temple today. Saw the beautiful moon at 5 am.

The most beautiful part of the day has been swimming in the river.

Grateful for every meal and care of the villagers. Like a family they welcomed us in their homes and heart.

Day ends with beautiful bhajans singing together.

Path – stayed the entire day in Somaj Village today. Will be moving forward to Jagadhia village to meet Lata ben and Anil bhai from Seva Rural. Approx 60 Km.

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