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We see a cloud in the paper – Day 9

It’s been just 8 days and yet it felt like a month…so many beautiful circles everyday, every meeting, every encounter, every word shared, every smile and eye contact opened his heart more and more. As he reached Surat late last evening, he decided to walk from bus stop to his friend’s home. It was the peak traffic time and it was almost like a fun video game, moving between fast moving vehicles. Between the sound of blaring horns he chanted the mantra ‘jai jai ram Sita ram’, and suddenly all the noise outside became a rhythmic orchestra. Music is everywhere, we just have to listen, he reminded him self.

Day in photos –

With tremendous love and warmth Parag Bhai and Meeta Didi welcomed me in their beautiful home. From one day sleeping in a temple to another day in the comfort of a home felt a luxury. Between meals and long night conversations, shared about Krishnamurti and the wandering a of mind.

What do you see on a white paper ? I asked the children. And by the end of an hour of storytelling session, they all said loudly ‘we see the cloud’.

It’s the story by thich nhat Han, about our interconnection.

Meeta Ben Has been lovingly planting seeds of love and care for last six years and it was joy to feel that positive energy in this school.

Nipun Bhai and his family has been hosting Awakin circles (weekly meditation evenings) for over a year now, and I felt the sacredness of the circle as everyone shared their personal stories with such love and authenticity. Listening is an act of love and that I felt here. With fun and humor I shared the journey stories.

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