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Dhammaketu Vipassana center, Durg. 4th July 2015

5 years back, one of my young cousin had attended an Awakin evening at our home in Ahmedabad. Never before he had meditated, after that evening he went back to his home and I didn’t hear from his for long. And then one day, four years later, he calls me to tell that he is going for a 10 day Vipassana course. and then 6 months later he inspired his parents to attend a course with me. I was tremendously happy to see this ripple and to be able to sit for the course with one of my family members. It’s almost a miracle but then anything can happen in awakins :))

Feeling immensely blessed and grateful to be able to come and attend the 10 day meditation, after 6 years. The first one was in Igatpuri. After so many years it feels as if going for the first time again. wondering why did I wait for so long. It’s one of the most precious gift which we can give ourselves. The technique is so simple that the experience became extraordinary. I feel the work we do in Moved By love retreats is physical manifestation of Vipassana. That is true dharma which makes mind ‘nirmal’ (pure).

Yet heart longs for its own experience and learnings, take it and then transcend it, add your own unique self in it.

There’s potential in all, we have to continue create ‘sambhavna’ possibilities, without it life become lifeless.

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