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And like a moth who moves towards the light passionately, to be consumed by it, so was I towards Vinoba. A seeker, who walked more than 40000 miles, from home to home, from a person to person, looking deeply into their eyes, he would ask with immense humility, “brother, won’t you share what you have with others who don’t”. Although he collected millions of acres of land for the poor, all he really was trying to do was connect hearts. Somebody said about him “Service of man is to him nothing but an effort to unite with God, He endeavors every second to blot himself out, to make himself empty so that God may fill him up and make him His instrument.”

So like a seeker, I too, make a humble effort to go on a journey, telling you his story in my own way, through words, visuals and silence. Knowing whatever needs to be expressed, has ready reached your heart and it’s really me who is telling and listening this story through you.

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