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22.06.05. Himalayas I am here. Why? Yet to know. But I am here. From Haldwani it took 4 hrs in bus to reach ‘Dhol’ village .The driver dropped me in front of narrow path going down in mountains, saying ‘go straight you’ll find the Ashram. This is a short route’. With a heavy backpack and a camera box in my hand, I slowly went down, in the unknown path (There was hardly any path, symbolizing my real life) toward the deep woods .As predictable and natural it seem, I lost my way. And I wandered in faint path (possibly made by grazing cows). For a long time till I found a road which was going both ways. Which one to take? Finally reached Himalaya Dev Sthan Ashram and met Kalyan baba, who had asked me to come here when I was in Bilaspur. This was all yesterday. Today and now I am sitting next to the Temple in the ashram, thinking where to go from here? Again in front of road going both ways.

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