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28.07.05 Aghor Ashram, Varanasi. I again ate meat today. Like always felt guilty but did it again. This goat was an offering to the gods in this ashram. Here they follow Aghor Path, where sadhaks pray goddess Shakti, do secret tantric meditations and are non-vegetarians. They have their own way to channelise their energy for the development of humanity. I was in the presence of a senior Avadhoot Aghori. They believe him to be God, like all other ashrams believe for their guru’s. I couldn’t take his interview, as he did not want it. Today is my 3rd day in Varanasi, had come back home from Dharamshala for a while.Varanasi is a city bustling with energy. 1st day you don’t like it, but slowly it enchants you with its mystery and charm. I have to yet discover it. Why do in a journey we seem to find ourselves getting further from our loved ones. We are changing no doubt and this change takes time to be accepted. In accepting the change.

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