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31.07.05 Sarnath We have to walk alone, we would have been born in groups if it was other way. I was questioning The purpose of my journey and then suddenly I read this quote : “the pain would cease down, may be after a moment ,day, month or a year and would change into something else but if we quit , it would last forever” by lance Armstrong so I move on enjoying The unknown . Alone sitting under a shade of tree surrounded by remains of Buddhist monasteries and in Front of me is the grand 3o m. Stupa 2000 year old. This unknown is beautiful. My subject is so vast that I really don’t know how The film would be made as most of the Hindu Religious Guru’s don’t give personal Interviews due to their godly image but I have to try because the way I got Dalai Lama’s interview, who knows what more miracles are hidden there but I have to make that effort and take the step because when we do that a whole new world unfolds. In taking that step.

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