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01.08.05 Tulsi Ghat. Varanasi

“If this body won’t Go with you, then who else do you rely on. Nobody is yours neither friend, family nor foe.’’ I read this in a Jain temple in Sarnath and then happen to witness it in real in Manikarnika ghat, Varanasi, where 24 hrs corpses are cremated. Varanasi being the most religious & holy city for Hindu, pilgrims from all over the world come to experience this thousands of years old ancient city. What is that I like about Benaras, somebody asked me It’s the “energy’’ I replied when you come here you instantly feel belonged to these old alleys. It’s as if you have come here before. Not to be explained but just felt. Today I took three interviews of saints from different sects or paths in Hinduism. Thrilled as project is moving forward and taking a shape. Have started experiencing the charm of Varanasi as the city slowly unveils herself.

In unveiling.

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