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So what is Real ?

04.08.05. Under Bodhi tree. Bodhgaya.

“Shankaracharaya, the great Hindu saint of India was once walking on the streets. Suddenly from nowhere a huge elephant runs towards him. In haste, Shankaracharaya moves out of his way. A passerby, who witnessed this, mockingly asks him: O divine one, when this entire universe is an Illusion, and this elephant running after you is also an Illusion then why are you afraid? Shankaracharaya smilingly replies-Isn’t your witnessing my running also not an Illusion?” So what’s real to be in the illusion or to witness it? Or Both? To be in it and yet witness it and understanding the difference between the both is the divine one. Life is always the balance, and to create it, always the attempt would be. To be supple like a snake and hard like a rock, calm and compassionate as if being a small lake yet roaring with passionate energy like an ocean. Attempt to just be in the moment and yet living dreams to create magnificent tomorrow. How else this life could be? So beautiful, so mysterious.

In this Mystery.

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