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Shabri’s Berries

Temple of Vishnu in Seorinrayan, with shabri shown sitting near his feet offering him berries

An event full day, in a unexpected election results, Trump became the president of United States today and to curb black money from the Indian economy, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 was removed. Some say it is like birthing a new world with labor pains. What seems wrong now could be a blessing in a future, with shiva energy, taking away what is not needed causing chaos and uncertainty in the process. After every storm comes a new dawn, a new day, a new sunrise. How do we prepare ourselves to see that and embrace it.

I am in my parents village Seorinarayan, came for a puja ceremony. Was feeling quite odd and out of space. My grandparents were crying looking at me, asking me to come back, and my grandfather thinks I have failed in life. It pierced my heart and yet I felt love for him, for his helpless state, for his expectation from me, from others and from life. I pressed his feet, remembering my childhood when he used to tell me stories, and this time it helped him empty his heart. Just an hour before I met an uncle in the village who believes I am the pride of the entire village, I met his sanyasi teacher who said I am in the path of supreme spirituality. So many perspectives, so many ideas of your own self seen from different people. Who am I beyond all these judgements, all these labels, can I still follow my heart without being affected by both praise and insult.

Like shabri I offer my half eaten berries with love… for some it is devotion and for some its untouchable.

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