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Savitri – bringing heaven on earth

“O Satyavan, I have heard thee and I know. I know that thou and only thou art he. “

Savitri thus recognizes Satyavan for who he is, the eternal soul, the divinity who needs to come to the earth and thus create heaven on earth.

A story of a grand dream, our greatest possibility, our highest truth and brightest light. Shri Aurovindo pours his heart and soul in this epic creation of his.

This week has been a beautiful exploration of this magnificent creation. Annette very beautifully brought the essence and helped collectively imagine what seems almost impossible, to have heaven on earth and our individual role in making it happen, our commitment to say ‘yes’ to our highest potential, our inner light and hearts calling, if not this than what. What will be life worth leaving for.

The retreat was entirely in German with long periods of silence. Not knowing the language helped me to listen from my heart, to feel beyond the words, to have a glimpse in people’s eyes and see their soul, and not judging them from the words they speak. It helped me intuitively tune in and to trust that whatever needs to be transmitted will be done energetically. Annette also did a session on dream work where many shared with her about their dreams. “What does the person or thing in your dream represents for you?” She would always ask. Dream work has been very important in Sufi tradition, as we get a glimpse of our true selves through our dreams. The people or things we see in our dreams are mostly always us, our own projections, our own longings and expressions. “Trust your intuition, you know what they mean to you”, she would say.

Many a times she would invite people to ask her any questions and very beautifully, with a clear sharp clarity she would deeply listen and answer in short, sometimes with humor but with lot of compassion. People would share their deepest feelings and vulnerabilities, breaking down in process and very delicately she would hold them all. It was interesting for me to see her in action. A Sufi teacher for modern times, always encouraging to listen to your own heart, without many rituals, without any exaggeration, always direct and simple.

I had the opportunity to read few passages of Savitri in English and i loved it. I would pray to Shri Aurobindo before starting and calling him in spirit and i always felt supported. Many came and shared how they enjoyed listening to me. Some who I had never spoken in the entire week would come randomly and tell me how much they enjoyed my presence and soul. Most of the participants were clearly quite evolved in their spiritual practices, you could tell the depth of their journey through their presence. And I felt grateful to be in this circle. Various time I was touched by moments of generosity and kindness, people would offer me food, and invite me for dinner, taking care of me throughout. With a prayer you take it all with a promise to share this forward.

Today morning I left Windschnur , Germany with Bettina in her car and after 5 hour ride she dropped me at Pfaffikkon train station in Switzerland, even buying my train ticket, sharing immensely till the last moment. I meet another friend Julia in Winterthur and stay with her tonight and then depart tomorrow morning from Zurich Airport to Istanbul, where a new adventure awaits.

15th Aug 2016 – Flah, near Zurich, Switzerland.

Retreat room in Windschnur, reminded me of Sufi lodge

Passages from Savitri

In Julia’s beautiful home in Flah

With shining light , dearest friend Julia

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