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Samanvay DVD released

samanvay poster Originally uploaded by kreativedreams.

Samanvay..that’s the name of his ashram. He describes it as a balance of science and spirituality. Dedicating 50 years of his life for the poorest people in India, running a school for the untouchables, living on the principles of not asking money yet running projects worth millions, non attached with everything yet attached with whole humanity that’s Dwarko Sundrani, one of the last active disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. Today at the Age of 83 , he runs an ashram in Bodhgaya, India, the sacred place where Buddha got his enlightment.

This film is an effort to reflect his spirit of service and get a glimpse of how, his journey for the search of truth began.

Pls: Send me an email ( if you would like a copy of the DVD. The pack contains 2 disc ,one with movie and another with extra interview footages and special features. There’s no fixed cost, you give what u feel. The proceeds goes towards distributing this film.

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