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Sacred Stories Circle 2 – Wounds

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Theme – Wound , 17th October 2020

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” — Rumi

Call Summary

On the first day of Navratri, some of us came together to share stories around wounds and how it has transformed us. It was an intimate circle with heartfelt sharing. Personal stories included giving home to 15 cats, opening a school of nature and a university of wild, making sense of the chaos within and understanding the patterns, leaving successful careers to live a life of adventure. Personal practices of using dance as healing, tracing the origin of our thoughts to make more sense of them, bringing a smile to elders to supporting girl child in this Navratri. Here are few stories, movie clips, poems and resources that were shared in the call.

Story: The Wounded Wall

The old man gestures at the gaping hole in the wall: “Now that the hole is there, people wandering by will ask if you need help. You must tell them yes. That is how community gets built. In the city, you are alone and whole. Here, you are wounded and gifted with the manifold.” His final words will stay with him for years to come: “Nothing is complete until it is wounded.” Read complete story here:

Questions for reflection

  1. What emotion evokes when you hear this story.

  2. How do you relate with wounds in your life.

  3. What lessons have your learned.

  4. Share some practices that help you reconnect with yourself


Resources Links:

  1. Movie Therapy – movie clips that illustrate and inspire

  2. Thoughts from the Universe – Sign up for daily personal messages.

  3. University of Wild – Brinda Shah

  4. Self written obituary

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