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Sacred Stories Circle 1 – Faith

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Theme – Faith, 2nd October 2020

”When you Have come the end of all the light you know, and about to step in the darkness unknown, faith is knowing that either of two things will happen, you have something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly. “ — Unknown

Call Summary

Our first circle included storytellers, teachers, artists, social workers and many other pilgrims walking their own unique path. After a moment of silence we started off with what made us smile recently and then went on to share what gives us hope. Many stories were shared and reminded us of our interconnected ness. Sharing below few stories, movie clips, poems and resources that were shared in the call.


Once a blind Sufi dervish was walking through a desert with his granddaughter, ‘where are we going’? asked the girl. “To a Sema gathering”, the dervish replied. And then the girl asked many questions. Girl : Will you go all alone ? Dervish: I’ll find my way Girl: But you will get lost! Dervish: He who has faith will never get lost, my little angel. He who is at peace won’t lose his way. Girl: But where is this gathering? Dervish: I don’t know, my angel Girl: Do the others know? Dervish: No, they don’t know either Girl: How can you go to a gathering without knowing where it is? Dervish: It suffices to walk, just walk. Those who are invited will find the way.

Movie – Baba Aziz ( start from 2 min)

Questions for reflection

  1. What emotion evokes when you hear this story

  2. How do you relate with sense of being lost

  3. What give you hope to continue walking

  4. Would you like to share some practices that help you reconnect with yourself

Prayer – Pirlere Niyaz Ederiz (click for translation)

Gandhi Ji’s story – I am not there yet.

Resources Links:

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