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Sabras – To be a Salt

Gandhi Ji would call Salt as ‘Sabras’, ‘that which enhances the taste of everything’. He shared the significance and symbolism of Salt in a very unique way.

He would say “Whenever there is sugar in anything, it is immediately noticeable, we would remark ‘How sweet this thing is’.

But it’s not the same with Salt. We would never notice the Salt in the food, only when either there’s too much or too little we would notice it.

So what does it means to be like a Salt, can our presence be so gentle, gentler or gentlest that where ever we are put we raise the vibration of that place.

Without being too loud like Sugar, without demanding any attention to ourselves, quietly doing our work.

And in our absence when we are missed most

Journal Notes:

* Few years back few of us had gone on a pilgrimage and we had called it Sabras. Here’s some reflection from it by Siddharth Sthalekar.

‘Sabras’ was more than a collection of twenty individuals. It was about an aggregation of diverse thought processes that have now dispersed like grains of salt adding flavour to the world wherever they go. It is important that we facilitate its dispersion as effectively as we facilitated its aggregation, and that is why we share our thoughts.

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