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‘Roamers’, a new word for wanderers and travelers, I learnt today. It’s been over a month I left india. Spent 4 weeks in the refugee camp of France. So many impressions, so many stories, I know it has made a deep impact in my life and heart, what and how it will translate in my life only time will tell.

Went to Brussels from Calais and spent two days with Arathi and Pratul. I was infected with their enthusiasm for life and work. With their initiative ‘connect the dots’, they seems to life my dreams and wishes and it was nice to see someone manifesting it. More than anything we need safe spaces today, to be able to sit in circles, share our heart, our vulnerabilities and our gifts. We had enough of heroes, everyday heroes, change makers, we need everyday people realizing our own uniqueness with all our flaws and to be able to still love each other.

Sitting on a train now towards Interlaken in Switzerland. Will be participating in global friends retreat, and the intention I shared with them was –

“In today’s time, my mind witnesses our constant separation, violence and greed yet deep down my heart holds a highest conviction that we are all one beating heart, deeply interconnected. I am humbled to participate in a gathering, where all of us are exploring this paradox and finding new ways to live in love, joy and peace. May our coming together nurture spaces of love rooted in prior unity as we become an instrument to the service of the whole. “

Around 33 participant from across the world are participating, with similar intention of oneness. I feel excited and thrilled to be here, to cocreate, and explore together.

Life has been kind, even with all the personal challenge in relationships, it is teaching me everyday, loving me with all its heart.

Alhumdulillah (by the grace of God)

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