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Riddhi & Siddhi Patel

These are the questions two twin sisters, Riddhi and Siddhi Patel decided to ask of themselves, as they left their comfortable careers in the booming bio-tech industry. As volunteers with a municipal school program called Shwaas, they were always deeply connected with children. And through the children around them, they have continued their quest for joy. In a constant effort to help the kids grow kinder, they have always been making choices about the seeds that they plant in children. Do they hold simple values like generosity and honesty, or are we teaching them to run a race? The choice has always clear to the sisters, although it may not always be easy.

Any interaction with them leaves you infused with energy like a breath of fresh air. Almost asking you to lift yourself up, and live that life you always dreamed of. And it is this energy that keeps them going in spite of all the resistance that society has offered them.

Join us, as the Patel sisters, or the ‘Secret Angels of Kindness’ as they are known share their journey in children’s education and kindness.

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