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Reva Dandage

How can we create spaces or environments for our youth that nurture and provide answers to life’s real questions? Is it possible in a result-oriented world, or do we have to be sidelined to an alternative education?

These are questions that Reva Dandage has set out to answer. After interning with several alternative education schools in the USA and working with a variety of kids, she is now placing her faith in Democratic Education. Through the Swaraj University, that she co-founded with 3 other friends, Reva facilitates a community of Khojis (as the students are called) in finding their way forward. The intention is to provide an environment for the Khojis to see the world in a more comprehensive manner, and that we can live in harmony with the environment without damaging it. She trusts that at the core of such an education lies the fact that we are not individualistic by nature. As a result, the syllabus is self-designed and focuses on community learning.

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