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Preparing for another Journey

So I got my Brazil Visa. All I needed to do was submit just one invitation letter with attestation. The sudden trip to Delhi may not have been needed but at times you cannot explain why certain things happen. And there are times when you have to pay a price or pass a test to show life that you are ready to embrace another journey. However the time in Delhi was very well used, met many old and new friends, learned about social initiatives and saw the beauty of our diversity. I have come to appreciate every conscious effort towards service, be it activism or meditation. The duality is in our mind. We are all moving towards love, the only difference is either we are aware of it or not. With awareness comes acceptance which then leads to transformation.

As I came back, brother zilong who has been on a pilgrimage to east gifted his tent to me. A symbolic gift, reassuring that everywhere is a home, you carry it with you, in your heart. Last two days before I departure to Chattisgarh and then to Brazil for 3 weeks. Spending time with little Reva, playing games which are often directed by her without much room for my inputs or revisions, which makes me admire her creative confidence. Through stories we connect and relate with each other. Probably another storyteller in making, I smile.

And ahhh this is my 200th post… Hope to continue my promise of one post every day.

With Zilong and his beautiful tent gift ( Bhumika, Arti ben and Mausam ben in back)

Visited Bangla Saheb Gurudwara in Delhi after so many years.

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