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‘Anandmayi chaitanyamayi..satyamayi parme’, the prayer I sing to Sufi to put her to sleep. It calms me as much as it soothes her. During this entire lockdown, my life has been around this little bundle of joy. Teaching me that life is here in this very moment, in doing little everyday things with more joy and awareness. She recently turned 9 months and today she got her vaccinations. As we went to the hospital, part of us was concerned about the virus infection which is spreading everywhere. Doctors say almost 80 % of the population will be affected by it, we collectively don’t know what’s going to happen. It is probably more serious than we can imagine. How do we find hope and joy in these very uncertain times..maybe one breath at a time..being kind to those around you and doing what you can to reach out to comfort, heal and love. May I have strength to choose love over fear and never hold back to give when I can.

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