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Aao Jo Ahmedabad

Updated: May 11, 2022

On 1st of April 2021, we finally transitioned out of Ahmedabad. Dwarko ji left his body at 4 am on 31st March. Metaphorically it was ending of an era for me as well. I was introduced to Gandhi and Vinoba through my stay with Dwarko ji in 2004. And now I was leaving Gandhi Ashram on his nirvan day. So many times before I have tried to go from Ahmedabad but kept coming back as if some invisible karmic relationship was there. ‘Help me go’ I requested Jayesh bhai… and together we went to the prayer ground in the Gandhi Ashram. After a moment of silence and a small prayer he picked up some soil from the ground, wrapped up in his handkerchief and place it on my hands, ‘go wherever your heart takes you’, he said. I felt my heart getting lighter. No more there was a need to be guilty. There’s no leaving he would often say, only living.

In Gandhi Ashram with Sufi, Reva and Maitri

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