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Pravina Tai

What would your life look like, if you decided at the age of 5 that your only goal was Self-Realization? What would it look like if you dedicated the last Sixty years in the service of humanity? The answers to some of these questions might be found in the life ofPravina Tai, from the Vinoba Ashram at Pavnar.

The mind races when we are posed with the thought of meeting such a Service Icon. But surprisingly, in the presence of Pravina Tai, you find them melting away. At once, you are drawn in through her simplicity and openness, and you feel like you have known her for years.

Such is the beauty of Pravina Tai, who at the age of 25 decided to walk with the likes of Vinoba Bhave during the Bhoodan Movement. She then spent the next 8 years of her life at the Vinoba Ashram in Assam. For the last forty years, she has touched the lives of millions as she was welcomed in thousands of villages, sharing her insights on the Gita, and how it can be applied to our journey in service.

When asked ‘Why the Gita?’ she replies with a beaming smile and explains that her central purpose was to help people understand that it isn’t applicable only to a Hindu. In fact, she says that a good Hindu would appreciate the Bible and Quran and a good Catholic or Muslim, the Gita.

“We must trust that we always belong to the whole, even though we may spend our lives in a part of that whole.”

“Everytime we Love, we Give – and true service is to hold that pure intention in every thought, word and deed.”

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