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Pilgrimage to Seorinarayan

“I do not have anything to offer other than my heart, but here are some berry fruits. May it please you, my Lord.” Saying so, Shabari offered the fruits she had meticulously collected to Rama. But before offering them she would taste each berry to make sure it was sweet, such deep was her devotion that Ram ate them with great love and joy.

This story of Shabri has always inspired me, reminding me that how love is above all. As a child I grew up in this little town Sheorinarayan where it is believed that Shabri had offered her berries to Ram. Recently my heart was filled with an overwhelming wish to make a pilgrimage to this place, to reconnect with my roots, with my parents and with myself. The voice also told me to make this pilgrimage not alone but with few friends..who will join I don’t know but I know it will be more than one.

Personally my life has been enriched with small pilgrimages we have made together in past and I have grown as a human being and my soul has strengthened to find and walk my own path from the fruit of it. Pilgrimage route: Once in a year in the full moon (magh purnima) a huge fair takes place in Seorinarayan, a small village in chattisgarh. Thousands of pilgrims walk or prostrate from far and near to a Vishnu temple after their wish has come true. We will walk from my parents home in Bilaspur to Seorinarayan (65 km) to an ancient 2000 year old Shiva temple. and then from shiva temple to vishnu temple ie 4 kms, I would like to go doing prostrating. each one of us can decide what will be best for their body and can either walk or do few steps and bow or as it emerges.

Dates: 6th – 11th February 2017

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