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Pilgrim Storyteller Song

Amidst the bustle of the pilgrim throng,

Stands a solitary figure, singing a song,

His eyes are bright, his voice is clear,

He tells the tales that all want to hear.

He weaves the stories of the saints of yore,

Of pilgrims' trials, and their hopes and more,

His words are magic, his stories are true,

A pilgrim storyteller, so rare and new.

He brings alive the sacred places and lands,

That lie beyond our reach, in faraway strands,

And leads us on a journey, deep within,

A journey of the soul, that's about to begin.

For every step, that a pilgrim takes,

Is not just a journey, but a path to make,

And this storyteller knows, how to inspire,

To kindle the flame, and light the fire.

So let us listen, to his tales so old,

And let them guide us, as our lives unfold,

For in these stories, we find our way,

And on this journey, we'll find our day.

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