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Parliament of World Religion 2015

More than 120 years ago, When vivekananda addressed the first world parliament of religion with – “My dear brothers and sisters”, such was the intensity of his heart, such pure was his love and faith in universal family that it’s vibrations is still felt today.

I felt so humbled to be invited to participate in the 6th world parliament of world religion by Jayesh bhai. Gandhi Ashram and Harijan Sevak sangh was invited to share the work of Gandhi ji and had a big stall showcasing his original hand written letters and other information about him.

The week here was filled with excitement, interfaith events and diversity . My shaking faith in religion found a renewed hope.

I used to believe that religion is redundant and yet I feel it also has its role in the society. It gives faith, hope, courage to many.

In the last one week, I was quite moved to see the beautiful diversity and how beautifully they all came together in harmony. Sikh community offered Food ( Langar Prasad) to more than 5000 people daily. Indigenous people had a sacred fire burning throughout the event to honor Mother Earth, nature and our lineage. Several stalls showcasing the work of many religious organizations worldwide. Conference rooms filled with people engaged in conversations about various social and religious causes and how could everyone work together to solve them. Since I was volunteering with the Gandhi Ashram stall, I couldn’t attend the presentations but I could feel the excitement in the hall with people excited to show their work and the willingness to engage with others.

I also had the opportunity to attend a session hosted by Charles Gibb and Buddhist monk Heng Sure, the topic was – my life is my message.

It invited us to reflect what is the message of our lives, what is our sacred purpose and can we really try to see each other, inspite of all our differences. Can we be our unique self and celebrate that in our interconnectedness.

Meeting various service space family members was also the highlight of this event for me. Yuka was visiting from Japan, Heng Sure from Australia, sandy, Jayson Charles, Diana from Utah and many more. I found great value in one is to one conversations, which felt deep and meaningful.

In essence we are all one and when we judge, we cannot love.

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