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Our Highest Right

Do we really have a will of our own? We all know we should follow our dreams but how do we know what’s our dream, the real dream, the real meaning, the real task which we are born for. Our Highest Right…how do we decide that.

Mahabharat is such a good example of karma and destiny. Every single act of it seems like pre-destined yet everything depended on the current act of the characters. everyone knew everything which was going to happen, yet they played their part and did what was needed, what their dharma asked them to do, what felt their highest right. For everyone it was different…. fighting for Duryodhana, sacrificing for Karna, being silent for Bheeshma, enduring for Yudhishtara and playing the catalyst for Krishna.

Bliss is to be in tune with that highest sense right of our own, then right or wrong, moral or immoral, good and evil, all these doesn’t really matter. You do what you are here to do. Even if you suffer doing it, there will be a joy in that suffering. There will be a pleasure in the pain. You’ll be alive.

Joy in suffering 🙂

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