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One Notch up

“Tan samarpit, man samarpit, chahta hoon mere desh ki dharti tujhe kuch aur bhi doon”

Had read this poem, when I was a child. Now after many years I resonate with it’s meaning. Just came back from a week of pilgrimage with Jayesh bhai and Nipun. Traveled to Kutch, stayed with some of the poorest of the poor. When you receive from someone who has so little, your heart goes numb with humility and awe. Why then you ask yourself, the reason for holding back. The graves don’t have pockets, leave we back all our possessions yet the tremendous desire to hold on to our fears, insecurity and possessions. Time to break free now I realize, time to let go now I feel. Take one notch up in Nipun’s words. How would it be to run a gift economy organization. We will be generosity entrepreneurs. How would it run you will ask. Just like any other organization in terms of governance, accountability and projects. So what the difference?, mind intervenes. We wont ‘ASK’. We work with what is offered to us, with whatever resources we have, in short no fundraising, no brand building and no strings attached. We must be out of our mind, how on earth will you sustain? And the answer comes straight from the heart, ‘with trust’. Universe will manifest it if it sees a need in it. You got to jump, you got to let go. Meghna went for 10 day silence on 30th Jan, the death anniversary of Gandhiji. The same day heart made this decision. It feels right, it feels honest, the first step towards complete samarpan 🙂

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