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One brick at a time

Planting seeds with prayer

As I watch the sun set in Swagyan garden now, I reflect on the time passed by. It’s been two months, came here first on Jan 2nd, it was jayesh bhai’s bday and for me birth or something new, a new dream, a new way towards the long cherished dream to have a center which will be an exploration of love and truth. Closer to nature, in the midst of Gandhi ashram, what else I could have asked for.

Peacock enjoying the tender saplings

In this time the Ganga Ma Mandal was also built with the help of Suresh Bhai. For the first time I was working with hands, touched the soil, laid bricks and felt Mother Earth. We planted some vegetable seeds with prayer and kept names of different sections. However with lot of beautiful peacocks here not much of the seeds were saved. I resisted to put any borders for safety but finally realized that at least in beginning stage we need some to safely grow the plants. We kept some food for the birds near another tree and today got some green nets to put around the mandala. It’s all an experiment, as we do, so we learn.

Another beautiful dream which is manifesting is my small room in the garden, where I can stay. It’s under construction and hopefully by Reva’s bday I can move in there. A small beautiful room of 8ft *8ft, almost feels like a hermit’s room. I feel so excited by it, it will help me go deeper in cultivating my personal practices and some alone time which is much needed during this period of my life.

Through all of this I constantly felt the presence of Jayesh bhai as a father and teacher. “You never give up on me?” I once asked him, “No I will never” was his simple and profound reply filled with immense love and hope. I have been in Ahmedabad for 8 years now, and would sometimes feel guilty if I did enough in service or in community. Jayesh bhai would often say… “it’s not so much of what you do but who you are” , “love itself is an act of service”.

Learning everyday, opening my heart to be able to love a bit more and more… one brick at a time

Swagyan Mandir –

My room in making

Reva, Kishan and Shefali helping put the bamboo sticks.

After naming one of the small sections ‘Vasudha’ (mother earth)

Akash, Sunil and Reva sweeping the campus

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