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Monkey Mind

As days pass and with minimum to do I am forced to look within and really make an effort to understand on what exactly I am seeking. If it is to find the truth, then am I being honest right now ? at this very moment ? or I am trying to distort my belief to my convenience.

I have a habit of saying a little bit of sin and little bit zen, but then are they really different ? I thought when I am in tune with myself, its Zen and vice versa, but then she asked me ” Are we really ever out of tune with ourself ?” isn’t this moment just perfect the way it should have been ?

So if thats true then there’s really no division, no difference, it’s all there in my monkey mind. so if they are both same then why not choose to just seek Zen, and know that there’s no such thing as sin. Somehow it sounds all tricky, I am still not completely convinced…I am sure there will be a time when I will be able to feel the oneness in this division and my actions will be in perfect harmony with my being…

Till then seek the good 🙂

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