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With Jose and Manish Bhai – brothers in arms

It’s been three days in the Giftival, feel so full, so rich and wholesome. Everyday I would want to write what happened, the impressions in heart, the learnings of mind, and the growth of spirit and yet by the end of the day I would feel so tired that I would just crash in my bed.

Each interaction changes us, our presence is evolved with every passing moment.

Are you a dreamer someone asked me, ‘yes I am’, I replied, I dream to be able to love fearlessly, completely, without holding back, I dream to be able to feel in every cell of my body our deep interconnection, our oneness. I dream to really look in each other’s eyes and say honestly, without expectation, ‘I love you’.

From holding various circles around the discussion about gift, to visiting local communities in the slums of Santos, to dancing in samba tune, we came together in playfulness or ‘Mastiyog’, as Manish bhai would lovingly call it.

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