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Khwaab DVD Released

khwaab poster2 Originally uploaded by kreativedreams.

“Khwaab” is a story of an Individual’s search for self-acceptance. ADITYA, a 26-year-old successful computer engineer, working in California, is miserable with his promotion and social expectations. His quest leads him to meet his own physical manifestation, MEL, who inspires him to follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Breaking all the social barriers, Aditya embarks into a journey from a film school to meeting a manipulative producer. To his rude shock he realizes that reality is harder than he had imagined. He gave up everything he had to live the choices he made in life. Was it worth it?

DVD contents: 2 Disc pack containing film and lot of special features (Making video, stills, filmmakers scrapbook and Misc short movies )

Cost: $ 18

Pls send us an email to request your copy:


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