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Kalyan Ashram

23.06.05. Kalyan Ashram. Himalayas. ‘Kahan se aaye ho’ (where have you came from?). This is a general question everyone asks everyone here and then talk little bit about weather .It started raining since yesterday, so its cooler now. Time 5:15 pm, a Pundit from Kanpur is starting ‘Ram Katha’ in lawns. Today I did my 1st interview with Kalyan baba. Started with touching his feet and bowing down to his experience & Karma. Went on a walk at 4:30 am with him. I have also been taking part in evening prayers .I am starting to get comfortable with this place and people here, so now its time to move on being unattached to another unknown place. Pilgrimage is so good for soul .It teaches us to be humble, make direct contact with life, understanding that strangers are just friends we haven’t met and to move on with life. In moving.

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