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Intentional community

For long I have held a dream, a bunch of us living in nature in a community in Sangath. Not sure if I am yet ready for it, but it keeps coming in my heart once in a while. To work with hands, do simple work, learn carpentry, farming, pottery and milk cows :))

Had various circles with few friends and surprisingly few others showed interest.

As we believe , so we attract and move closer to its manifestation. today I went with Jayesh Bhai to see few land around Ahmedabad. It’s ba’s birthday today and although being very busy, yet he took out the entire half day for this illusive dream of mine. Altogether we saw three sites, and like always the last attempt is always most exciting. Next to a shiva temple, a river and a forest, we saw it. The sun was setting, making everything shine with it’s golden rays, even our dreams. It’s a big piece of land around 9 bighas, perfect for nine people to come together and pitch in to build a community. Will it happen, only time will tell, If not me, someone somewhere else will manifest it…however I am holding this illusive dream of mine..close to my heart…with sounds of cow bells coming from afar.

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