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In the presence of Dalai Lama

06.07.05. MC. Lodgunj. (Dalai Lama ji’s birthday). H.H. Dalai lama ji spoke to me today. I am blessed. Every creation in this universe is blessed and I feel it strongly today. Today was his b’day and it’s very rare when he meets anyone on this day but this year he did. It’s been raining heavily since morning as if Gods celebrating too. Thousands of people with their umbrella are gathered in main temple just to get a glimpse of him. I was lucky to manage a pass to be with press group and thus photograph him very closely. After the event there was a press conference and H.H. answered few questions. He started with “I don’t have much to say, I know just to smile”. This moment was pure bliss. He radiated full of love and compassion. My heart melted just in his presence. Some how I mustered up enough courage to ask him a question: “His highness, I am an independent freelance film maker and I wanted to know how could all the religions could come together”. He smiled and started with “we should all go for a lunch together”. And then he flawlessly with passion and spark in his eyes spoke about 3 basic values of life “Truth, love and compassion”. Constantly looking at me while answering he gave me special attention. With video camera in one hand trying to capture the moment (trying my best not to shake with excitement), and in another hand trying to be present in that moment itself was a big struggle. I was in Awe and all could do was smile and bow down in reverence. Later the event organizer told me in surprise that Dalai Lama ji gave maximum time to me, making me feel flattered. I cried with joy and was too overwhelmed to shoot any further events. With the miracle I had just experienced I hurried to share this moment with my loved ones on phone, but couldn’t explain it as this moment could be just felt. It’s all a beautiful Omen. In Bliss.

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