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In the end of the world

I write this from the End of the world, a place called finistera in Spain. 800 kms, 44 days, infinite learnings. Some say you don’t walk the camino the camino walks you, and I feel it to be true. A journey where you learn to carry less and give more, a road which shows you that your shadows are also beautiful as they are created by your own light. A road walked for thousands of years by saints and the sinners, and yet it belongs only to you. In every step, you discover a bit more of yourself and in the eyes of every stranger you meet you see a reflection of your own soul. Who am I ? you would often ask, who ever you want to be, he would always reply. Because there is zen and sin, both in us and lovingly embrace them, all we can. As I immersed my walking stick in the sea I felt that as if a heavy burden was lifted, I feel light and full of light. Make me your instrument, I prayed to the rising sun. one pilgrimage came to an end, yet the other starts, towards a new life. From now I create my new world, celebrate my new birth and accept my new self.

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