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In spaces

According to Hindu mythology, the entire universe is constructed and destructed in one day of Brhama. Pranayam which is one of the most ancient yoga sutra, is about inhaling and exhaling of breath. So on the same thought the entire creation and destruction is like the brahma’s breath and it also in a metaphorical level reflects our entire lives.

We are nothing but a breath, life and death, sin and zen, passion and compassion, truth and false… short ‘in’ and ‘out’.

Now what intrests me is the ….space between in these breaths, the moment of emptiness, the moment of reflection when there is no act happening, just silence or the preparation of the act to be followed. The beingness.

We human beings are so busy in making our life busy that we are scared to be in this state of nothingness. It makes us uncomfortable.

Now I , looking at my past have been feeling this state quite often. It happens when I finish a film, a project or an event. May be I am in that state again….I am not scared but yes little vulnerable, questioning my entire purpose and acts. Maybe I should just wait and let the blossoming happen.

In wait 🙂

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