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In Ahmdebad (Sughad).

09.06.05 In Ahmdebad (Sughad). When there’s a calling you go .You don’t know why but you just go. Going in unknown has always been exciting. But society trains us to fear any kind of excitement and consider it as a sin .We all want it but we dare it .To dare is to let go of all belief and trust in universe. Who am I? What’s my role in universe? Where do I go? All evergreen questions and lot of intellectual answers. But answer is within us in a form of a question. What is Sin what is Zen, all relative different state of mind .Why do I want to make films, or for matter anything? I have to give that answer, however difficult it may be. Everything is interesting so we choose to what we resonate .We don’t do it for others but for ourselves. Once we accept this selfish desire, we become selfless.

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